I need you to help me in helping others to help each other, and in turn can better help you. We are figuring out the root of all of society’s problems and tackling them at the heart – between people. Together, we are engaging in public places to seek out our common needs and forming common goals, strategies and projects to achieving a better world for everyone, even the dull, destitute or domineering. Come help the movement grow

Alternative Economy to Support Community Development

There are a lot of good works subtly going on everyday underneath the radar of mainstream economics. The value of the volunteering sector is proportionately higher than the work force. This is because volunteering is mostly motivated solely by improvement, whether it be sports and health, arts & culture, or community development and Earth stewardship. There are many jobs out their which, although valued by some, are extremely inefficient and do not compare with the benefits of volunteer work. Furthermore, volunteering is voluntary. That is, people have chosen to go out of their way to do it. The heart, joy and passion that comes from these efforts can never be matched. One of the most fundamental areas of volunteering is community development.

We at the Street Hub Center believe that all good works can be better achieved if we lay down a collaborative economy network plan. By participating and sharing in the community, you have access to all the resources you need. There are many daily expenses that individuals have which could be dramatically reduced when a network of people are sharing equipment, venues, beds, skills, kitchens, knowledge, time, transport, food, energy, etc. All the resources are there. This allows official work hours to be cut down so that people can focus more on civic engagement, open democracy and also pursue their passions. Come with suggestions or find out what you can do to strengthen your surroundings