join the urban Food for Peace revolution

The Stockholm Food Movement, in association with Impact Hub and Sopköket are initiating mass civic participation in GIY (grow it yourself), from micro herb windowsills to large scale community food forests. Together, we help each other make it possible.

Through integrating with food, we are also building up a solidarity network to strengthen society overall with educated people power. Don’t hesitate to ask questions

What the movement offers:

  • save time  & money on research, materials & labour, by being part of a solidarity resource network
  • Be a direct player in reversing soil erosion, climate change and micro ecosystem extinction
  • Produce and share a lot of food year round by participating in best practice and innovative food growing methods
  • Eat healthy, feel empowered against the food system and meet lots of cool people
  • belonging to a network of people who are willing to help and learn from each other for the greater good. This isn’t just about food. This is about our futures

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